Color Changing LED Fairy Light USB String and USB Portable Battery Pack with Remote



✔️PORTABLE- Tired of seeing wires in all the wrong places? Don’t have an outlet where you need it? Our color changing string lights come with a 2600mah rechargeable USB battery pack. This battery bank is compatible with multiple devices: firefly lights, compatible cell phones, tablets and more! No matter your use, it creates a cost effective and energy efficient way to decorate your space.

 ✔️AMBIANCE -Set the mood anytime…anywhere… Add your favorite color to a dorm room, create a soft soothing glow in a baby’s nursery, highlight a centerpiece at a wedding, party or quickly accent holiday décor - even in hard to reach places. The 24-button remote allows you to set a timer to 16 different colors and 4 lighting modes.

 ✔️COST EFFECTIVE- Have you ever wasted money buying cheap lights that just stop working? Batteries that die within a week? Make your investment last with our premium quality fairy lights and USB battery pack, which are CE certified and RoHS compliant. This ensures they are low voltage, remain cool to touch, and don’t overheat - securing you and your family’s safety and investment.

 ✔️FLEXIBLE-These sturdy light strands are made of bendable silver colored wires which allow you to mold them to a specific shape, hugging a Christmas tree, stair banisters or a bedroom cabinet. Perfect for Halloween pumpkins 🎃, tombstones and skeletons!

 ✔️EASY TO USE- Step by step instructions for the silver battery bank, light strands and remote included PLUS video instructions available to watch online. We want you to be as happy as possible, so we offer a 1-year warranty on all registered products to guarantee your satisfaction.


✅Are you tired of rebuying batteries over and over again? Our rechargeable indoor USB power bank saves you time and money, leaving you free to enjoy your décor without adding another “thing to do” with your busy schedule.

✅ Our lights come wrapped on an easy to use fitted cardboard strip, eliminating hours of frustration untangling the typical mess of light strands often seen.

✅ Makes storage quick and easy by allowing you to swiftly encircle the included strip and put back into our small re-closeable zip pouch.

✅ Have company coming over for the holidays? Set it and forget it! Our remote-controlled timer will turn the lights on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours. Giving you plenty of time to enjoy the festivities and your guests without racking up your electric bills.

✅ Brightness/dimmer feature allows you to create a tranquil meditation space or keep the monsters at bay as a children’s night light.


✅ 1 USB Rechargeable Power Bank 2600mah with micro USB charging cord.

✅1 light strand 15 feet long/ (5 meters).

✅1 remote including a CR poly lithium battery.

✅ Easy to use step by step instructions which include a link to our online video tutorial.



✅ Colors: Cool white (not warm) plus 15 other colors!

✅ Modes: Flash, Strobe, Fade In/Out and Smooth.

✅ On/Off button.

✅ Timer: 6 hours on 18 hours off. Cannot be altered to any other timer requests.

✅ Remote Control Battery:CR2025. Remote battery time varies based on actual usage.

✅ Remote Control Distance: about 15 ft. Varies based on barriers between the remote to the USB plug and line of sight.


✅ Length & LEDs: 15ft/5m

✅ Voltage: 5V

✅ Application: Indoor Portable Phone Charger- Indoor/Outdoor Light Strand


✅Power Capacity: 2600mah (milliamps/hour). Power supply varies based on compatible device used – lights, cell phones, tablets etc.

✅Battery, Li-polymer Battery

✅Input: 5V1A – Output: 5V/1A 5V

✅Dimensions: 3.8 in x 1 in x 1 in


✅ The external battery power bank has 2600mah (milliamps/hour). Power supply varies based on compatible device used – lights, cell phones, tablets etc.

✅ A variety of frequencies within the remotes are used when manufactured. We cannot ship specified frequencies to ensure a match or non-matched frequency for multiple light strands.

✅ Each light strand has one USB output so in order to use two or more light strands in one area, you must use a multi-port USB power pack or wall adapter (neither are included).

✅ Colors shades may appear different from one person to another, as each of us view colors uniquely depending on our genetic makeup.  The colored remote buttons are a basic depiction of a similar result once lit. 

✅ Bulbs and strands are not interchangeable or replaceable. Do not attempt to remove or manipulate the product for safety reasons.


⭕ To power up the fairy lights, use an indoor wall power adapter (not included). Any standard 5V USB Wall adapter commonly found with cell phones etc. will also work for indoor use.

⭕ When powering up outdoors use a compatible waterproof power adapter or solar power bank (not included).

⭕ Only the light string is waterproof. Please keep remote and USB port away from humid conditions, water submersion, etc.

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