Solar Charger USB Battery Bank 10000mah -Outdoor Water-Resistant Portable Charger


✔️ PORTABLE- Are you missing an electrical outlet (indoors/outdoors) right when you need it most? Or have you ever been out on the trail or town and run out of juice? This solar battery is the perfect energy source to provide peace of mind no matter where you are. 😉

 ✔️BUILT TOUGH- Our eco-friendly power bank is weather resistant, dust proof and shockproof. These powerful features make it perfect for tradesmen, outdoor enthusiasts or to enhance your indoor / outdoor decorations during the holidays all year long!

 ✔️ POWERFUL- This solar phone charger, obtains energy from the sun and traditional AC wall adapters. Contains dual USB output ports allowing you to charge 2 devices simultaneously! Includes micro USB charging cable, mounting hook, flashlight and illustrated user manual.

 ✔️ MULTI-USE- Compatible with multiple devices such as: smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nexus), electronic devices (cameras, portable speakers and tablets) and outdoor decorations/equipment (light strands, lanterns and select camping gear 🏕️).

 ✔️ COST EFFICIENT- Make your investment last with our premium solar charger which is CE certified and RoHS/FCC compliant. This ensures protection from overcharging, temperature protection, EMF protection - securing you and your family’s safety and investment. TJAG Tech offers a 1-year warranty on all registered products to help protect your investment and ensure your satisfacion.


✅ Are you always on the go? Do you travel a lot? Do you have power for all of your devices while sitting in the airport or out camping… Our portable charger will ensure that you do.

✅  Water Resistant- making it splash proof for those days on the boat or just laying on a beach. Do not submerge input/output ports as they are not waterproof. 

✅  Shockproof- silicone casing protects your solar charger from pesky accidental drops.

✅  Weather resistant– compatible for outdoor decorations, getting caught in the rain and camping.

✅  Dustproof- protection from internal exposure to dirt, dust and grime while hiking or working at a site.


✅  2 USB output ports.

✅  Flashlight 🔦 with 3 modes.

✅  1 Micro USB charging cable (wall adapter not included).

✅  1 Hanging / attachment mini carabiner D-ring locking hook.

✅ Easy to use step by step instructions which include a link to our online video tutorial.


⚡ First 2-3 charges should be completed using an electrical outlet or computer (for 10 hours) to fully activate the battery. Typically takes 6-8 hours for a full charge using an AC wall adapter (not included).

✅  Solar phone chargers in general are very slow, they can take 6-8 hours to convert solar energy to usable battery power 5-10%. It is recommended only suitable for EMERGENCY outdoor camping/ travel needs.

✅  The blue LED lights at the bottom on the device indicate how much power is available.

      ✔️0 lights = 0%

       ✔️ 1 light = 1-25%

      ✔️ 2 lights= 26-50%

       ✔️ 3 lights= 51-75%

       ✔️ 4 lights= 76-100%

✅  Be mindful of extreme weather conditions and remove battery bank from severe cold and heat.


✅  Dimensions: 5.3” x 2.8” x 0.7”

✅  Battery type: 18650 Lithium Battery

✅  Solar power: Single crystal 1.5W

✅  Capacity: 10000mAh (milliamp per hour).

✅  Input: DC 5V/1.0A - Output: DC 5V/1A DC 5V/2.1A



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